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Sexual Education

In Ayurveda and the Hindu tradition, knowledge and versatilityabout sexual interaction is extremely essential for a happy and fulfilled life. It is important that for healthy and harmonious living and for the future of mankind, the humanity learns to accept that sensuality (Kama) should be experienced and explored with wisdom and not made a taboo. Lack of knowledge and incompatibility can ruin the relationships amongst couples and a lack of sexual education to children can lead them to exploitation and mental disorders.Sexual incompatibility should be treated with aphrodisiacs or by removing the an-aphrodisiacs and with consultation from the wise persons in this field. It should never be suppressed or covered up because that gives rise to ultimate suffering. 

Please see our three publications on this theme in our book list. At the moment, we are preparing programmes for sexual education for children.

Please write to us for holding lectures and seminars on these themes.