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Professional Courses after JAA

CSA offers the following academic programmes after the study of JAA or for the students who have similar qualifications from other schools.  

1.  Ayurvedic massage   90 hours
2.  Ayurvedic treatment for women’s ailments 90 hours
3.  Ayurvedic beauty treatments                          70 hours
4.  Ayurvedic therapeutic yoga              80 hours
5.  Ayurvedic nutrition                                         150 hours
6.  Companionship and Sexuality                 60 hours
7.  Sexual Education for Children                60 hours



A valid certificate will be given to the successful students for each specialisation.

Special benefits of CSA

You have the following advantages to choose CSA for your education in Ayurveda:

·        CSA teaches in a traditional Guru-Shishya style, in smaller groups and you have a single guru or a professor who makes sure that each one of you learns infallibly and is able to put in practice the basic wisdom of life.

·        Theory and practice are intermixed and students cook, eat, experience the true meaning of rasa in Ayurvedic pharmacology, go out to find people for learning about prakriti. Learning is fun for CSA students!

·        You learn Ayurvedic cooking and use of Ayurvedic cuisine as a little apothecary in a very scientific way. You are taught to cook food from any part of the world with Ayurvedic principles. According to our survey, either simply mogul unhealthy cooking is taught under the name of Ayurveda or else Mediterranean cooking with a bit of masala is marketed as Ayurvedic cooking by some schools in Europe.

·        Our teaching is not complete until you have put it in practice in your own life. That is why we teach in three major parts for the first year for the training of Junior Ayurveda Assistant (JAA).

·        Our examination system is unique. For the final of the three examinations, you go through a practical exam of helping others with Ayurveda wisdom.