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Junior Ayurveda Assistant (JAA) through our Distant Learning Programme with Internet

CSA offers distant learning programme through Internet for doing Junior Ayurveda Assistant (JAA). For the syllabus and other details for JAA see the page on Long Term Education with Charaka School of Ayurveda

The total time for all the three blocks with distant education is three hundred hours, done in three different months within a period of 18 months. The courses are taught during the following months:


Timings: July and December

The education for JAA takes 13 months for completion and you will be given examinations in the beginning of II and III semesters. The third and the final examination is given at the end of the third session. Thus, you will need 18 months to complete JAA and successful candidates will be awarded the certificates thereafter. 


Essential Features for Studying with Distant Learning Programme:

·        You need to have a computer with an Internet access to get emails. 

·        You need a printer so that you can print the material for studying as well as for printing the examination questions papers if needed.

·        You need a basic school education up to Gymnasium.

·        You require an adequate knowledge of the English language. The students can communicate in German or French as well, but they will get the material and replies to their questions in English.

·        During the semester months, you are supposed to devote time to study intensively, as well as do some practical training according to the given instructions.

·        You are supposed to study for about 6 hours a week and do some practical programmes during the time between the two semesters.

·        You are supposed to note down all the practical difficulties and ask questions during the following semester.