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Our Centres of Activities 

We have two principle centres to carry out our educational and Health promoting activities.


Noida Centre 

Noida is a suburb of New Delhi. It is located 16 Km from the New Delhi Railway Station. Noida Centre is also our headquarters, and houses our principal office and library. This building is constructed with the symbolism of seven dimensions of being, with AUM representing the eternal energy and the cause of being.


This is our central location, where we have groups for half-day workshops and for individual private sessions for Ayurveda Health Organisation (A Charitable Trust). In winter, sometimes we have to have other educational activities here, because of the extreme cold weather in our Himalayan Centre. 


Himalayan Centre 

Our Himalayan centre is located 400 Km in north-east of New Delhi in the state of Uttarakhanda, in district Uttarkashi. It is 14 Km before the holy town of Uttarkashi on Delhi-Uttarkashi highway. We are located on the bank of the Bhagirathi (upper Ganga) and are only 132 Km downstream from the Ganga’s Glacier, which is at the height of 4000 meters.


Our Himalayan Centre


We are located in the Bhagirathi Valley at the height of only 1000 meter. We are surrounded by high Himalayan Mountains. We chose this height for growing plants from the planes, as well as from the upper Himalayas. We have moderate weather conditions. Minimum on a winter night is minus 3 0 C but days are generally sunny with a temperature of 190 C.  In summer, the maximum temperature is 35 0 C, but does not stay too long.


Aerial view of the Himalayan Centre

Garden of Food and Medicine


Student House and Meditation Hall


Meeting Hall in our Himalayan Centre




Wild Amala Fruits (the king of medicinal plants) in our Himalayan Centre